Midwestern State University is dedicated to help students who have exhibited a detrimental change in behavior or have exhibited behavior that is troubling.  Our goal is to identify those who need our help and offer them the assistance they need in order to continue on the path towards a college degree.


Information that should be reported is anything that is witnessed, observed, or participated in that “sends up a Red Flag.”  For example:

  • Questionable or suspicious acts of behavior
  • Knowledge of information or incidents that could cause harm.
  • Knowledge, or suspicion, that someone may cause harm to themselves or others.


This form is not intended to entertain violations of the Code of Student Conduct unless such violation is related to a concern that someone may cause harm to themselves or others.  For violations that do not cause concern, please report through the appropriate Hall Director or the Dean of Students.


Please keep in mind that this system does not replace emergency notification systems such as campus police and 911.  If this is a true emergency, call 911.  If campus police should be alerted, call (940) 397-4239.

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